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Today, we cook up pizzas all over the Denver metro area and across the state of Colorado at private catered events from our home base in Lakewood.  If you are lucky, you can catch our Food Trucks out at Denver area breweries and events.

To learn even more about us, read on:

In the summer of 2010, three brothers put their talents together in a backyard in Denver, and a food truck dream was born. A weekly gig at Great Divide Taproom started a small but fiercely loyal group of followers.  Four more food trucks, each with their own custom wood fired ovens, would join the fleet over the next nine years, as we continued to find new fans at local breweries and public events.  The team of brothers parted ways and our business gradually transitioned to a husband and wife enterprise.  Catering private events had become a crucial part of our success, and summers filled with road trips to serve weddings in fantastic destinations all over Colorado. Our craft had caught on, and in 2019 we served our pizzas at over 300 brewery shifts, and more than 100 private events.

After years of serving up pizzas in Golden, our Sunday brewery rotations at Mountain Toad and Cannonball Creek had developed a regular crowd of people who enjoyed what we offer.  When we had the chance to bring our concept to a permanent location in town, we jumped on it.  We opened the doors to our restaurant in November of 2019... just about 100 days before everything changed for restaurants and small businesses everywhere.  We hung on as a part of the community for another 2 years through COVID, but ultimately we were not able to make the brick and mortar location work for us.  There were far too many challenges to list, and probably hundreds of things we would have done differently now that we know. The number one thing we would have changed: we would have chosen to not to do it at all.

Luckily, we still had that option, and after a bit of soul searching, we got back to the part of the job that we love the most: serving private events with our custom mobile wood fired pizza ovens at locations near and far.  We absolutely love to be a part of people's best days (you are either at a party, or it's YOUR party) and we love to share the unique craft that we've tuned to perfection.

We continue to operate our food trucks at local breweries throughout the Denver metro area, and serve private events across Colorado.  Contact us to serve at your next event, or check our Food Truck Locations page for upcoming public events.

xoxo Christen and Joel

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