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Everything you "Knead" to Know: The BKP Blog

Welcome to day one, post one, of the Basic Kneads blog. Joel and Christen will take turns contributing to the content here. From Joel, you will get all the info and insights related to our restaurant, our menu, and the food truck schedule. From Christen,you will hear all there is to know about events and catering.

Since August 2010, we have been serving wood-fired pizzas anywhere you are. We would first like to share some of our WHY and HOW we make it happen:

Both Joel and Christen grew up in a time where families transitioned from homemade food to pre-packaged and processed everything. The rise of low-quality, fast food was a big part of our upbringing. If you are what you eat, who wants to be fast and cheap? We don't.

We started with the idea of bringing back high quality food in a convenient, laid back setting. As we launched our mobile business, we set up outside of the Denver Metro area's greatest breweries and office buildings and learned that other people cared where their food came from and how it was prepared. At weddings, rehearsal dinners, and graduation party catering all over the state of Colorado, we were able to create memories at a budget that didn't break the bank and quality that matched the significance of the day. And today, at our restaurant in Golden, we keep it going by offering local beers and ciders on tap, supporting local businesses with our food choices (Deby's Gluten Free and Peaceful Rebel Vegan Cheese), and taking the time to craft a delicious meal that all your friends and family will enjoy.

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