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So You Are Looking For A Caterer (Part One)

Since August 2010, we have served about 100 private events each spring, summer, and early fall. We’ve served in parks around the corner from our restaurant in Golden and all the way in Telluride and Steamboat Springs. Parties of 20 people all the way to 250 people have been filled up with our hot pizzas, as well as, fresh salads and apps, all made right onsite in front of their eyes. Over the 10+ years, we have learned more about the industry than we ever thought possible. This multi-part post highlights what we think would be helpful to know before you book and even after you’ve started your planning process.

What will the catering service be like?

  1. We are making your food hot and fresh, from our mobile ovens onsite. We will be tossing dough, topping pizzas, and slicing your fresh pies right in front of you. Most caterers (almost all of them) make your food the day before and find a way to reheat it for your guests.

  2. We serve your guests from a selection of large pizzas. This gives them the chance to try multiple flavors of pizzas in one meal. Serving individual pizzas sounds compelling to many potential clients, but once they realize the chance for variety and the increased efficiency, they are always glad we got everyone fed and happy in what felt like hardly anytime at all.

  3. We can feed every one of your guests! Your grandma who loves traditional Pepperoni will be as satisfied as your gluten-free cousin is with their Veggie Pesto Pizza. Your meat loving friend will be obsessed with our Wiseguy pizza and your vegan coworker will love the Vegan Thai Chili. Our large pizzas are the traditional flavors from our catering menu and your guests with dietary restrictions and preferences will chat with our staff about their “kneads” before we make them a pizza to order.

Interested in what we have to offer? Visit our private catering and wedding catering pages. Our pricing is all upfront. To put together a complete estimate, Christen, our catering manager, will need the address of your event, you guest estimate, and what you would like served. Deposits hold dates and we’d love to have your event on our calendar.

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