Wood Fired Pizza: To Do's and To Don'ts

After 11 years of cooking pizzas in a wood fired oven, and, perhaps more importantly, 11 years of eating pizzas cooked by the fire, I've learned a few things about which pizzas come out looking, smelling, and tasting the best. This advice could be used whether you are cooking your own pies at home, enjoying them at our restaurant in beautiful Golden, CO, or heading out to find a great pie in your own hometown. Below is my list of do's and don'ts for wood fired pizzas, and I hope it helps along your journey towards finding the best pizza ever!

DO: Plan out your toppings appropriately. The best pizzas have a minimal amount of ingredients that compliment each other well. One of the classic pizzas that I always go back to is our Wiseguy Pizza (shown above) with olive oil, mozzarella, roasted onions, classic Italian fennel sausage, and FRESH organic rosemary. This pie smells like fresh baked bread as it emerges from the oven, the kind you want to put a slab of butter on and eat up before it gets a chance to cool off at all.

DON'T: Overload your pizza with heavy toppings. Just like any cruise to the Caribbean, the quality of a wood fired pizza goes down substantially when it is intentionally overloaded.

DO: Eat your pizza hot and fresh! I'd always recommend dine-in vs. takeout at any restaurant, and wood fired pizza is no different, even if pizza is more commonly thought of as takeout food. Let me tell you why: First, the aroma. The smell of a pizza is one of the first things I experience, often well before it arrives to my table. And like the memory of your long lost love, you and I both know that aromas fade with time. Secondly, putting a pizza into a box alters the physical characteristics of your pizza, and quite literally results in you getting a different pizza 20 minutes after you picked it up at our store in beautiful Golden, CO! Moisture from hot cheese and toppings will start to leave those ingredients, and being contained in a dark and lonely box, will start to affect the quality of an otherwise dry and crisp pizza crust. Your wood fired pizza will be more floppy after spending time in a box, and nobody wants that.

DON'T: Eat cold pizza. Hey we've all done it, but I'm not sure if we were proud of that moment, now were we?! If you have to take your pizza to go, sneak a slice in the car while you think of an excuse, or have your hubby turn on your home oven to 350 degrees and toast your slices for 5-7 minutes on a cookie sheet if they've gone cold.

DO: Enjoy your pizza with friends and family! The very best thing about pizza is that it brings us all together around a table of fresh food where tales will be told and smiles will be shared!

DON'T: You... Forget about me. Because we'd love to prepare a table for you at our restaurant in beautiful Golden, CO!

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