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Wedding Catering

Basic Kneads provides catering throughout the Denver metro area and the Colorado mountains.


Our approach to catering is a bit different: nothing we serve is cooked in a remote kitchen and trucked over to your event. All our pizzas are cooked on-site, in our mobile wood-fired oven. When we serve a pizza, we have to warn people to be careful, they are bubbling hot, with steam filling the air above. We toss our salads right at your event, because fresh means delicious.


Basic Kneads consists of a small fleet of three mobile wood-fired ovens.  All vehicles can go anywhere a car could park, but only the trailers venture out of the front range. We cater indoor and outdoor events and have many options for salad and appetizers.  We always provide gluten free pizzas and cook for vegans upon request.  Our outstanding pizza will impress even the most skeptical guests and you will always find our team friendly, professional, and charming.


We offer upfront pricing to help in planning your event. Our prices are competitive and we welcome you to explore the many other wonderful options for catering in Colorado. We think you will find that Basic Kneads offers a great value along with a unique experience.

Our team is small and aims to provide high quality service. For this reason, our event capacity is capped at 100 guests.  To get an "accurate" guest estimate, the tip is to assume 2/3 of our invites will make it to your event.  If you are inviting more than 150 folks, you are likely beyond our capacity.


Wedding Service

  • Menu including unlimited Margherita, Pepperoni, and 3 specialty pizzas of your choice from our current catering menu.

  • Disposable paper plates, napkins, and forks provided

  • Buffet-LOOK service (our team will hand-serve from directly in front of our oven)

  • 3 to 4 hours of onsite "food service" catering 

  • Minimum cost: $2000 (before tax, travel, and gratuity)

  • Please note:  All weddings will be charged at the rate listed here.  These events require a higher level of service than your average backyard party, even if you are having a casual event. They require more event coordination, more preparation, and more staff to be done well.

Tier 1.0:    Pizza and One Salad                                                                               $30/person

Tier 2.0:    Pizza, One Salad, One Appetizer Combo                                            $40/person



  • Basically Balsamic – organic spring mix, fruit, and nut with goat cheese, served with our original balsamic dressing.  Crowd-pleaser!  Our #1  recommendation for salad beause we can adapt to dietary needs.

  • Cheesy Caesar – organic chopped romaine, house kneaded croutons, shaved Parmesan, along with our original Caesar dressing  (no gluten-free or dairy-free option here, and it has anchoives in the dressing, so not vegetarian)


Appetizers (not unlimited, but based on per guest serving size)

Fresh Baked Bread and Butter (+$2/person for private catering, included in all wedding catering booked since 3/1/23)

The Herbivore (pick two of three +$10/person):
Veggies in Hummus: Carrots, Celery, and Peppers in a Hummus Filled Cup
Berries and Cheddar Skewers
Veggie Roll Ups - tortilla, cream cheese, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers

The Omnivore (pick two of three +$10/person):
Salami and Pepperjack Skewers
Berries and Cheddar Skewers
Turkey, Bacon, Avocado Roll Ups - creamy avocado spread, turkey breast, and bacon bits

The Fancy-vore (+$12/person):
Caprese Skewers - basil, mozzarella, tomato with balsamic drizzle
Cured Meats and Pickles and Olives Skewers 

Desserts ( minimum order=your guest count - running out is not cool)

Brownies $3/person


Non-Alcoholic Drink Options (you can mix and match, minimum order=your guest count)

Sparkling Water and/or canned natural sodas ($3/can) 

Bottled Water $2/bottle


Additional Charges/Info

  • Your total cost will include the food cost, any additional options you choose, tax, travel, and tip.*

  • 20% gratuity included with all catering

  • Tax is additional and charged based on the address of your event

  • Additional Time On-Site is charged $400/hour (plus tax and gratuity)

  • Mileage charge of $2.50 per mile round trip from  9255 W Alameda Ave L, Lakewood, CO 80226.

  • A signed contract and 50% deposit will book your date. We don't hold dates without it. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Venues further than 60 miles from our base in Lakewood will be subject to an additional travel charge ranging from $150-$1200.  This covers wages, meals, and housing for all staff while on the road.  It will be included in your estimate and adjusted based on actual guest count.

  • *Some events may be subject to additional costs associated with travel, licensing, or specific venue or location requirements.  


Let’s Talk!  Please visit our contact page.  We will be happy to provide you with more information or help with booking your event!


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