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Colorado's Finest Mobile Wood Fired Pizza

Food Trucks and Catering Services

We launched our first food truck in 2010, with a vision to create a better pizza by using quality ingredients and cooking by a wood fire.  The combination of time honored technique and modern recipes has produced a memorable pie, and we can't wait to share it with you.

We offer unparalleled catering services around the front range and throughout Colorado.  Our mobile wood fired ovens come to you and we prepare hot, fresh food for your guests to enjoy.  We have 13 years of experience in catering weddings and other events around the state, and we can't wait to be a special part of your event.

For the 2023 season, we are focusing on the original concept with the original team.  Joel and Christen Bakken (founders, creators, communicators, and passionate owners of this business) are working the full schedule for the year.  We are excited to bring you the highest quality product and service we have to offer.  For this reason, our offering will focus on catering this summer.  Check our food truck calendar to view our limited number of public events, and we hope to catch the OG BKP Crew out in force for some of those events!

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